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In flowering plants, fertilization-dependent degeneration of the persistent synergid cell ensures one-on-one pairings of male and female gametes. Here, we report that the fusion of the persistent synergid cell and the endosperm selectively inactivates the persistent synergid cell in Arabidopsis thaliana. The synergid-endosperm fusion causes rapid dilution(More)
The goal of cancer vaccines is to induce antitumor immunity that ultimately will reduce tumor burden in tumor environment. Several strategies involving dendritic cells- (DCs)- based vaccine incorporating different tumor-associated antigens to induce antitumor immune responses against tumors have been tested in clinical trials worldwide. Although DCs-based(More)
  • Shigeo Koido, Sadamu Homma, Masato Okamoto, Yoshihisa Namiki, Kazuki Takakura, Akitaka Takahara +17 others
  • 2013
Induction of antitumor immunity by dendritic cell (DC)-tumor fusion cells (DC/tumor) can be modulated by their activation status. In this study, to address optimal status of DC/tumor to induce efficient antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), we have created various types of DC/tumor: 1) un-activated DC/tumor; 2) penicillin-killed Streptococcus(More)
Pancreatic cancer is a highly aggressive and notoriously difficult to treat. As the vast majority of patients are diagnosed at advanced stage of the disease, only a small population is curative by surgical resection. Although gemcitabine-based chemotherapy is typically offered as standard of care, most patients do not survive longer than 6 months. Thus, new(More)
We developed Smart Furniture, which extemporaneously converts the legacy non-smart space into a Smart Hot-spot which consists of computational services. Since the Smart Furniture is equipped with networked computers, sensors and various I/O devices, it can provide various services by alone or by coordinating with other devices. In this paper, the physical(More)
Accurate estimation of elevation is important for many location based services. Although, it is possible to obtain altitude from GPS, its accuracy is unreliable and applicable in outdoors only. It is possible to use barometers on smartphones to estimate elevation in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. To this end, we proposed an integrated framework to(More)
  • Shigeo Koido, Sadamu Homma, Masato Okamoto, Yoshihisa Namiki, Kazuki Takakura, Kan Uchiyama +10 others
  • 2013
Fusions between dendritic cells and whole tumor cells as anticancer vaccines. V arious strategies have been developed to deliver tumor-associated antigens (TAAs) to dendritic cells (DCs). Among these, the fusion of DCs and whole cancer cells can process a broad array of TAAs, including hitherto unidentified molecules, and present them in complex with MHC(More)