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An efficient liposomal formulation for targeting the retina was produced as an optimal means of distributing therapeutic agents to the retina. Diclofenac was used as a model compound for liposome encapsulation, and the release rate and distribution to the retina were investigated. The calcium acetate gradient method was found to be the optimal method for(More)
Many researchers introduced special rooms equipped with sensors, devices, networks, and computers to demonstrate ubiquitous computing environment. However, the cost and time for building such a room is a barrier to the deployment of various ubiquitous applications. We have developed smart furniture which instantaneously converts the legacy non-smart space(More)
We developed Smart Furniture, which extemporaneously converts the legacy non-smart space into a Smart Hot-spot which consists of computational services. Since the Smart Furniture is equipped with networked computers, sensors and various I/O devices, it can provide various services by alone or by coordinating with other devices. In this paper, the physical(More)
A heterogeneous multi-core processor (HMCP) architecture, which integrates general purpose processors (CPU) and accelerators (ACC) to achieve high-performance as well as low-power consumption with the support of a parallelizing compiler, was developed. The evaluation was performed using an MP3 audio encoder on a simulator that accurately models the HMCP. It(More)
Accurate estimation of elevation is important for many location based services. Although, it is possible to obtain altitude from GPS, its accuracy is unreliable and applicable in outdoors only. It is possible to use barometers on smartphones to estimate elevation in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. To this end, we proposed an integrated framework to(More)
A pervasive computing environment consists of a variety of devices, such as tiny sensor nodes, handheld devices, consumer electronics, and PCs, which are capable of communicating with others via a communication platform like Bluetooth, ZigBee, UPnP, and DLNA. Those devices should be able to communicate one another to provide users with richer pervasive(More)
The on-chip fabrication and manipulation of microstructures are expected to be applied for single cell analysis system such as cell manipulation and measurement tools. In this paper, we previously present a methodology for fabricating and assembling microstructures inside a microfluidic channel. By the illumination of patterned UV-ray through the mask under(More)
This paper presents an interactive analysis and visualization framework for behavior histories, called mPATH framework. In ubiquitous computing environment, it is possible to infer human activities through various sensors and accumulation of their data. Visualization of such human activities is one of the key issues in terms of memory and sharing our(More)
This paper proposes an interactive viewer of behavior histories captured by GPS, digital camera and other pervasive sensors. The viewer assists our memory and communication by showing bird's-eye view map overlaid with user's movement trail and other behavior data. The viewer is characterized by the interactivity in these two cases: interactive focusing on a(More)