Masaki Hirabaru

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This document presents the conceptual design of a new generation network architecture. It is based on the discussions at 14 meetings and 2 seminars, which were held during an 11-month period beginning in May 2006 and attended primarily by the Network The future holds a computing environment characterized by embedded and pervasive computing and networking(More)
The queue size at a bottleneck would impact the performance of TCP protocols, especially when running a single TCP flow in networks with a large bandwidth-delay product. However, queue size has been not well considered in experiments. This paper shows how bottleneck queue size influences TCP protocols performance. Bursityness of advanced TCPs is examined.(More)
We designed and implemented seamless handover on wireless LAN with MISP (Mobile Internet Services Protocol), PDMA (Packet Division Multiple Access) and mobile IP. MISP is a protocol designed for mutual authentication, IP address assignments, session key sharing and various negotiations between mobile nodes and access points with a single exchange of packets(More)
インターネットがここまで普及した大きな理由は, 新しいアプリケーションの登場を促す将来を見据えた 見事な設計哲学があったからである.しかしながら, 30年前と現在とでは,インターネットを取り巻く環境 があまりにも大きく異なり始めている. 第 1は,当初のインターネットでは想定していなかっ たサービスや技術が登場してきたことである.イン ターネットの基本プロトコルである TCP/IPは,モバ イル,センサネットワーク,CDN (
As the number of connected networks increase and multiple service providers exist in a single autonomous system, the networks face routing problems including dependency on service providers, the chance of the appearance of unreachable networks, and overhead in terms of bandwidth used by routing protocols. This paper describes a case study on implementing(More)
Currently, most research and educational backbone networks consist of 10G-bps network and some hosts connect to this backbone with 10-Gbps. When the hosts try to transfer data with high speed, network often experiences congestion at the backbone due to a confliction with commodity traffic. In such situations, queue size at the bottleneck point has an impact(More)
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