Masaki Gotou

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The Language Grid is a middleware with which people can connect and use language resources such as machine translations, morphological analyzers and others created in the fields of intercultural collaboration. The Language Grid cannot exist without the collaboration of Language Grid Users who provide language and computation resources, language services,(More)
Various types of multilingual collaboration tasks must be performed in the fields of education, medical care, and so on. Members in such fields need support customized for each field. Therefore, multilingual collaboration tools should allow customization to suit the tasks and circumstances. The tools provided by portal sites such as Google and Excite are(More)
Customization of systems is costly, but it is necessary to better meet the needs of multi-various tasks and requirements in the fields such as medical care, education, and so on. A machine translation system, for example, can provide a certain level of multilingual communication support if a human translator is absent; the translation system may need to be(More)
Multilingual expression services (MESs) are available in many multicultural fields, such as education, medical care, and disaster prevention. In Japan, for example, local governments and NPOs create parallel-texts and provide expression services in such fields. However, these services present a common difficulty: the lack of parallel-texts.(More)
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