Masaki Arimori

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Thirty-nine patients with advanced measurable squamous cell carcinomas were treated with two or more courses of 70 mg cisplatin/m2 on day 1 and 700 mg infused 5-fluorouracil/m2 on days 1-5 every 21 days. The overall response rate was 35.9 (95% confidence limits, 24.8-55.1%). Responses were seen in primary sites in the esophagus of five patients, in the lung(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy confers a survival benefit on patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma undergoing radical surgery, we undertook a cooperative, prospective randomized controlled trial. METHODS A total of 205 patients underwent transthoracic esophagectomy with lymphadenectomy at eleven institutions(More)
Myogenic electrical activity of the sphincter and adjacent esophagus and stomach was detected by the chronic implantation of bipolar silver/silver chloride electrodes. Action potentials occurred in the esophagus following deglutition and were synchronous with the peristaltic contractions detected from within the lumen. Continuous phasic activity was present(More)
A cooperative, prospective, randomized study to evaluate the effectiveness of preoperative irradiation in curatively resected esophageal carcinoma was performed in 364 cases in eight institutions from August 1982 to November, 1983. Based on the survival curves, postoperative irradiation alone was superior to preoperative plus postoperative irradiation.(More)
In esophageal cancer patients, pneumonia in an early (20%) and a late (3.5%) period, pythorax except for leakage (8%) and pulmonary tuberculosis (1.4%) were observed characteristically through the post operative course. Changes in cellular immunity through the course were indicated with remarkable depression of PHA stimulation index (s.i.) and T cell(More)
We estimated the utilization of calcium in spinach and calcium-oxalate to calcium-deficient rats, and the effect of oxalic acid on absorption of dietary calcium by using calcium-deficient rats. The body weight gain of the calcium-deficient rats for 8 days receiving a calcium-deficient diet supplemented with raw-powdered spinach (R-sp), boiled-powdered(More)
It is very difficult to detect esophageal cancer and cancer of the cardia in the earl ier stage in comparison of the detection of gastric cancer. Patients of esophageal cancer and cancer of the cardia visiting our clinic are almost advanced cases. In order to investigate the reasons why patients could not be diagnosed correctly, 100 cases of esophageal(More)
we examined the observation of pathological histology mainly, the climical progress, the observation of gastric camera and the change of the condition of gastric ulcer. To reproduce the mucous membrane of the base of ulcer is a considerably good condition for gastr ic ulcer. The cases of over 6 month after continual internal t rea tment were mostly U1 IV(More)
Subjects of the present investigation are 20 control cases free from upper gastrointestinal diseases and nine cases with achalasia. Intraluminal pressure of the esophagus was measured with the use of an open-tip method. In the control cases, presence of W-shape pattern with three high pressure zones and two low pressure zones were verified. On the basis of(More)