Masakazu Sugiyama

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The evolution of size distributions of gold nanoparticles under pulsed laser irradiation (Nd:YAG, lambda = 355 nm, pulse width 30 ps) was carefully observed by transmission electron microscopy. Interestingly, the initial monomodal size distribution of gold nanoparticles turned into a bimodal one, with two peaks in the number of particles, one at 6 nm and(More)
Relatively large gold nanoparticles (mean diameter of major axis 38.2 nm, mean aspect ratio 1.29) in aqueous solution were found to undergo shape transformations from ellipsoids to spheres at ca. 940 degrees C, which is much lower than their melting point, ca. 1060 degrees C. The shape transformation of gold nanoparticles induced by a single pulse of a(More)
We illustrate the important trade-off between far-field scattering effects, which have the potential to provide increased optical path length over broad bands, and parasitic absorption due to the excitation of localized surface plasmon resonances in metal nanoparticle arrays. Via detailed comparison of photocurrent enhancements given by Au, Ag and Al(More)
The pulsed laser induced phase transition of gold nanoparticles in aqueous solution was observed via a transient absorption on nanosecond time scales and longer. Gold nanoparticles were excited with an intense picosecond laser pulse (355 nm, 30 ps), and the subsequent changes were monitored using two continuous wave laser wavelengths (488 and 635 nm). On(More)
We have investigated the dark current of a germanium (Ge) photodetector (PD) with a GeO₂ surface passivation layer and a gas-phase-doped n+/p junction. The gas-phase-doped PN diodes exhibited a dark current of approximately two orders of magnitude lower than that of the diodes formed by a conventional ion implantation process, indicating that gas-phase(More)
Photoelectrochemical water splitting is a promising way for hydrogen production with low environmental burden. Although III-nitride semiconductors have potentially favorable properties as water splitting photoelectrodes, they have several limitations for practical use currently. In this study, the concept of a polarization-engineered nitride photocathode(More)
Quantum dots photonic devices based on the III-V compound semiconductor technology offer low power consumption, temperature stability, and high-speed modulation. We fabricated GaAs nanodisks (NDs) of sub-20-nm diameters by a top-down process using a biotemplate and neutral beam etching (NBE). The GaAs NDs were embedded in an AlGaAs barrier regrown by(More)
We demonstrate a simple and efficient optical coupler for vertical coupling between optical fibers and InP-based waveguides using a slant-etched mirror. The angle of the etched mirror can be controlled by using an aluminum jig with a beveled surface inserted under the substrate during RIE (reactive ion etching) of InP/InGaAsP. The offchip coupler is(More)
Monolithically integrated four-channel distributed feedback (DFB) laser array has been fabricated by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) selective area growth for 1.55μm coarsewavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) systems. Wide-stripe MOVPE selective area growth and electron-beam lithography are used to obtain wide CWDM channel spacing of 20 nm.(More)