Masakazu Nasu

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In this paper, we investigate some combinatorial aspects ofC-surjective local maps, i.e., local maps inducing surjective global maps,C F -surjective local maps, i.e., local maps inducing surjective restrictions of global maps on the setC F of finite configurations, andC-injective local maps, i.e., local maps inducing injective local maps, of one-dimensional(More)
Indecomposable local maps of one-dimensional tessellation automata are studied. The main results of this paper are the following. (1) For any alphabet ∑ containing two or more symbols and for anyn≥ 1, there exist indecomposable scope-n local maps over ∑. (2) If ∑ is a finite field of prime order, then a linear scope-n local map over ∑ is indecomposable if(More)
Two algorithms for calculating reversible one-dimensional cellular automata of neighborhood size 2 are presented. It is explained how this kind of automata represents all the rest. Using two basic properties of these systems such as the uniform multiplicity of ancestors and Welch indices, these algorithms only require matrix products and the transitive(More)
In this paper the concept of prob'abilistic events is introduced and their closure properties under the operations on the set of all fuzzy events are studied. I t is shown that the mean of probabilistie events is a probabilistie event and the set of all probabilistie events is closed under the transposition and the operation of the convex-combination. A(More)