Masakazu Nakanishi

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This paper is on dividing non-separated language sentences (whose words are not separated from each other with a space or other separaters) into morphemes using statistical information, not grammatical information which is often used in NLP. In this paper we describe our method and experimental result on Japanese and Chinese se~,tences. As will be seen in(More)
It is obvious that segmentation takes an important role in natural language processing(NLP), especially for the languages whose sentences are not easily separated into morphemes. In this study we propose a method of segmenting a sentence. The system described in this paper does not use any grammatical information or knowledge in processing. Instead, it uses(More)
This paper describes the design and the evaluation of Complementary Garbage Collector that is a fundamental algorithm for the parallel and incremental garbage collector. Our algorithm is a combination of two types of fundamental algorithms, incremental update and snapshot-at-beginning, which are complementary to each other. The algorithm has the advantages(More)
Mophological processing, syntactic parsing and other useflfl tools have been proposed in the field of natural language processing(NLP). Many of those NLP tools take dictionary-based approaches. Thus these tools are often not very efficient with texts written in casual wordings or texts which contain maw domain-specific terms, because of the lack of(More)