Masakazu Muraguchi

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A miniaturized MMIC analog phase shifter using two quarter-wave-length transmission lines is described. The number of transmission lines it uses is half that of a conventional analog phase shifter, which uses a 3-dB 90/spl deg/ branch-line hybrid. The chip size of the experimental GaAs MESFET MMIC analog phase shifter is less than 0.71 mm/sup 2/, and a(More)
We describe a new direct digital synthesizer (DDS) in which output tuning resolution is flexibly controlled. The new DDS has an extended phase accumulator (EPA) controlled by two frequency control words; one determines the wave number within a single EPA operation cycle, and the other determines the length of the cycle. The EPA allows the DDS to provide(More)
Previous studies suggested that the hydrophobic protein chargerin II, which is encoded in the A6L of mitochondrial DNA, may have a key role in the energy transduction by mitochondrial H(+)-ATP synthase because an antibody against chargerin II inhibited ATP synthesis and ATP-Pi exchange, in an energy-dependent fashion. In the present work, the contents of(More)
We have studied numerically the time-dependent photon-assisted tunneling (TD-PAT) process for electrons confined in quantum dots (QDs) by employing the finite difference method under the scheme of the TD-density functional theory (DFT). We have found the quasi-dark state (quasi-DS), where the injected electron remains in the QD. By varying the barrier(More)
19 GHz-band GaAs MESFET switch ICs have been demonstrated, intended for use in high-speed wireless LAN systems. The FET channel is fabricated on a SiO/sub 2/ insulator in order to reduce parasitic FET drain-source capacitance (Cds) which acts as off-state capacitance (Coff) in switches. The LOXI (Layered-Oxide-Isolation)-MESFET has enough DC and RF(More)
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