Masakazu Miyajima

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The surgical experience of 120 patients with lumbosacral lipomas is described. 47 of 120 patients were preoperatively found to be neurologically intact, the remaining 73 patients presented with various neurological signs including reflex changes, sensory disturbances, muscle weakness and sphincter problems. Neuro-imagings allowed a classification of(More)
OBJECT The authors report their investigation on the current status of neuroendoscopic biopsy for ventricular and paraventricular tumors as well as treatment for associated hydrocephalus in Japan. METHODS Patients who had undergone therapeutic neuroendoscopy between 2005 and 2009 were included in this study. The main items examined were age; sex;(More)
We investigated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from 21 patients with idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (INPH) and 14 controls without neurological disease. The concentrations of leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein (LRG), transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta1, 2, 3 and TGF-beta type II receptor (TbetaR-II) in CSF were measured using ELISA.(More)
A rare case of a cystic cavernous angioma in a 20-year-old female was diagnosed preoperatively by magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography. Total surgical removal resulted in a successful recovery. Cystic cavernous angioma is benign and can be completely-removed. The importance of magnetic resonance imaging in the differential diagnosis is(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive impairment is difficult to improve after shunt operation in patients with idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH). This study aims to identify cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers predictive of improvement in cognitive function. METHODS This study was conducted between January 2008 and December 2010 on consecutive, unselected(More)
Among the various disorders manifesting dementia, gait disturbance, and urinary incontinence in the elderly population, idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH) is becoming of great importance. After the publication of the first edition of the Guidelines for Management of Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus in 2004 (the English version was(More)
 Objective. A series of 21 patients with tuberculum sellae meningioma who received surgical treatment is reported.  Patients and Methods. All 9 females and 12 males (mean age 49 years) presented visual disturbances of varying degrees in either one or both eyes. Eighteen of the tumours were less than 3 cm in size, and 3 were larger. Tumour resection of(More)
OBJECT In this study the authors identify and investigate two new classifications of suprasellar arachnoid cysts. METHODS The authors used computerized tomography cisternography, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and neuroendoscopy to investigate nine cases of suprasellar arachnoid cysts. A communicating cyst with early filling and early clearance of a(More)
BACKGROUND Lumboperitoneal shunt surgery has the potential to alleviate symptoms of normal pressure hydrocephalus but the benefits of such surgery have not been tested in a randomised trial. The aim of this trial was to determine the safety and efficacy of the lumboperitoneal shunt surgery for this disorder. METHODS For the open-label randomised(More)
The H-Tx rat is a polygenic inherited model of hydrocephalus. In order to identify disease-specific biomarkers associated with congenital hydrocephalus, comparative proteomic analysis was used to screen cerebellum proteins in H-Tx rats at 1 day after birth. Seven proteins showed significant changes in hydrocephalic H-Tx rats compared with Sprague-Dawley and(More)