Masakazu Kunitomo

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We have shown an experimental demonstration of information gain due to the stochastic resonance in an optical bistable system, that is, information hidden in the input wave form appears in the output of a nonlinear system when the input noise amplitude is adequate. The optical bistable system is a hybrid type comprising a LiNbO3 crystal with an electric(More)
Photo-control of material properties on femto- (10(-15)) and pico- (10(-12)) second timescales at room temperature has been a long-sought goal of materials science. Here we demonstrate a unique ultrafast conversion between the metallic and insulating state and the emergence of a hidden insulating state by tuning the carrier coherence in a wide temperature(More)
The crystal structure of chloral ethylhemiacetal has been determined at 291 K: monoclinic, space group C f P 2 lt Z = 2, a = 854.5(1), b = 594.0(3), c = 853.3(1) pm, ß = 108.30(2)°, R = 0.0962. A sharp decrease of the spin lattice relaxation time 7i found for the 35C1 NQ R of the CC13 groups in chloral methyl-, ethyland n-heptylhemiacetals is attributed to(More)
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