Masakazu Gotoh

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OBJECTIVE To reveal computed tomography (CT) features of patients with coronoid process hyperplasia without interference between the process and the zygomatic bone. STUDY DESIGN A case-control study was designed. Thirteen cases without interference (2 male and 11 female, 28-56 years old) and 65 controls were sampled from a patient database. Differences in(More)
The location and configuration of mandibular canal variations are important in surgical procedures involving the mandible, such as extraction of an impacted third molar, dental implant treatment, and sagittal split ramus osteotomy. We report 3 Japanese patients with bifid mandibular canals using panoramic radiograph and multi-slice helical computed(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging may provide some information as to the extent and tissue characteristics of a cancerous mass, but the imaging features of lesions in the floor of the mouth have not been sufficiently clarified. MR imaging features of tumescent lesions in this region were characterized, and the differential diagnoses are discussed. MR images(More)
Three-dimensional visualization of cardiac activation has become important for providing further insights into the pathophysiological mechanisms of arrhythmias and to increase the efficacy of catheter ablation. The noncontact mapping system enables a single-beat analysis of the reconstructed geometry of the cardiac chamber. In 8 patients with various kinds(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the imaging characteristics of acinic cell carcinoma in three patients and to present a review of the relevant literature. The tumor site, shape, size, boundary, internal homogeneity and density, and appearance of contrast enhancement were evaluated in three patients with histologically proven acinic cell(More)
Background: The construction of complete bi-directional block in the isthmus (ITH) between the tricuspid annulus and inferior vena cava by radiofrequency energy (RF) applications is sometimes hampered due to anatomical problems such as a thick isthmus or aneurysmal pouch in patients with common atrial flutter (AFL). Methods and Results: Fifteen patients(More)
We sought to develop a method for evaluating dysphagia using videofluorography (VF) by analyzing the time course of changes in pharyngeal wall movement and to assess patients with head-and-neck cancer before and after surgery. The subjects were 14 patients diagnosed with head-and-neck cancer. We obtained VF images before and after surgery and analyzed them(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to clarify the Doppler sonographic features of the facial artery in the anterior face in healthy volunteers and to investigate those of related hemangiomas. STUDY DESIGN Forty-six volunteers and 3 patients with hemangiomas were examined with Doppler sonography. The detection rates of the facial artery in the(More)
The purposes of this study were to analyze the CT anatomy of the mandibular first and second molars in uninfected subjects and to clarify the pathway of odontogenic infection originating from the mandibular first and second molars. CT anatomies, especially for bucco-lingual aspects and the surrounding soft tissues, were investigated in 100 uninfected(More)