Masakazu Ejiri

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Combining the knowledge-based processing with image processing is considered a key issue in the future of visual inspection of complex patterns such as multilayered semiconductor wafers. However, present technology restricts this combination, mainly because of the exhaustively long time usually required for each type of processing. To cope with this(More)
Simultaneous measurements of enhanced airglow at 6300 Å and plasma temperatures from transmitting a powerful high frequency electromagnetic pump wave from the EISCAT-Heating facility into the ionospheric F region at auroral latitudes are reported. The airglow was detected with the Auroral Large Imaging System in northern Sweden and the background plasma(More)
This paper proposes a fast and high-definition contour-tracing algorithm for digitized binary images. Only the coordinates of white-to-black and black-to-white transition points on each scan line are used as data for the contour tracing. The resulting description of the contour is the combined set of ten newly developed run-type direction codes. The code is(More)