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The decay rate of 7Be electron capture was measured in C60 and Be metal with a reference method. The half-life of 7Be endohedral C60 ((7)Be@C(60)) and 7Be in Be metal (Be metal (7Be)) is found to be 52.68+/-0.05 and 53.12+/-0.05 days, respectively. This amounts to a 0.83% difference in electron-capture decay half-life between (7)Be@C(60) and Be metal (7Be).(More)
We expound on the nature of collapse of one class of tall buildings (steel moment frame buildings) under earthquake excitation. Using a parametric analysis of a couple of index buildings subjected to idealized ground motion histories, we establish the ground motion features that cause collapse in these structures. Systematically mapping damage localization(More)
The JHF 50-GeV main ring, very high-intensity proton synchrotron, for the JHF project has been designed.[1][2] The main ring consists of 96 bending magnets, 176 quadrupole magnets, 48 sextupole magnets and 176 steering magnets. The bending magnet is of a modified window frame type, whose maximum field is 1.9 T. Field gradient of the quadrupole magnet is 20(More)
The transfer of chirality from molecules to an anisotropic liquid crystal phase has been a subject of significant interest. A typical example is the spontaneous formation of helical structures in chiral nematic and chiral SmC* phases. One of the most interesting chiral effects in these helical liquid crystal systems is the helical inversion arising from the(More)
A new type of fast beam chopper was developed and installed at the HIMAC facility. Test operations of the chopper have been carried out. The chopper is basically a periodic beam-energy transformer that performs 10% modulation of beam’s kinetic energy. The modulated fraction of the beam is chopped off by the downstream RFQ due to the relatively narrow(More)
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