Masaji Sezaki

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In March 1997, we analyzed the water of all tubewells used for drinking in Samta village in the Jessore district, Bangladesh. It has been confirmed from the survey that the arsenic contamination in Samta was one of the worst in the Ganges basin including West Bengal, India. 90% of the tubewells had arsenic concentrations above the Bangladesh standard of(More)
Structures of new antibiotics SF2446A1, A2, A3, Bl, B2 and B3 have been deduced by means of spectral analyses and chemical studies. The structure of SF2446A1 which is a main product of fermentation and has the strongest antimicrobial activity, has been proposed to be ll -(2,4-di-O-methyl-/S-L-rhamnopyranosyl)amino-5, 6, 6a,14a-tetrahydro-l, 6, 8,(More)
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