Masahito Tomizawa

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There is growing recognition that we are rapidly approaching the physical capacity limit of standard optical fiber. It is important to make better use of optical network resources to accommodate the ever-increasing traffic demand to support the future Internet and services. We first introduce an architecture, enabling technologies, and the benefits of(More)
  • M. Tomizawa
  • 2012
This paper introduces a carrier's activity on 100G DWDM systems; driving the technologies to open the market, contributing to fair and timely deployment to carrier's field. First, we review carriers' requirements for 100G based DWDM systems, and indicate some of the key functions needed for coherent Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). A proof-of-concept DSP(More)
An inter-operability test on 100G DP-QPSK LH optical modules from different vendors is conducted. We successfully demonstrate the interoperability of 100G DP-QPSK modules in line-side test with error free operation. We also demonstrate end to end error free operation including the transfer of 100GbE client signal with 100G OTN framer.