Masahito Shiba

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We have been developing a simulation system for dance using a 3D motion archive. Our goal is to provide a supporting system for the creative use of motion data for live performances. We used motion data and this system on a Noh stage, which is normally used by the classic Japanese masked musical drama. The performance was a new Noh based on Shakespeare's(More)
Recently many live performances use projected visual images and videos. Our goal is to provide a supporting system for the creative use of CG animation for live performances. This paper describes a method of supporting live stage performances by projecting computer-created visual images. We developed a system to project images in a theatre, and then staged(More)
Our goal is to provide a support system for creating rich and flexible presentations in live performances using motion data. We created a live stage performance and a projection system which is for enhancing the performance with videos and CG animations. We choreographed and captured Noh motions, and created animation of CG characters to project. The CG(More)
We have been developing real-time CG control systems with Lemurs, which are multi-touch devices. We have developed two prototype systems that control CG objects and animation and a practical system that supports creating of TV contents. Our system, which provides an easy and intuitive way to control two or more parameters simultaneously, allows users to(More)
We have developed a virtual performance system that projects visual images and controls them in a theater easily. This system manages videos and 3D models, and users can control the projected image in real-time. We used the system on a Noh stage. We displayed virtual actors and had them act with the real actors. As a result of evaluations by the audience,(More)
We produced "A Spider's Thread", a live stage performance employing live actors, CG characters and interactive technologies. The production integrated traditional Japanese dance expression of Noh and Kyogen classical theater, narrated text, and CG animations projected on screens. To present collaborative scenes of both real and virtual actors, we used CG(More)
This paper describes a support system for choreography creation utilizing data on human body motion archived by motion capture systems. Users of the system can synthesize and compose choreographies using a touch panel device. The users set the motions of each body part to synthesize, and then the synthesized motion is displayed as CG animation in real-time.(More)
How do you effectively use interactive technologies to involve spectators in a live performance without distracting from the atmosphere or storyline? We have been producing theatrical performances using computer graphics (CG) and interactive techniques. Our goal has been to use information technologies such as CG, augmented reality (AR), and interactive(More)