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In pulmonary tuberculosis, the proportion of lymphocytes, particularly that of CD4+ T lymphocytes, was increased in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF), reflecting their protective role against mycobacterial infections. In order to elucidate the mechanisms of lymphocyte accumulation in lungs, we measured the levels of chemokines with potent lymphocyte(More)
Simultaneous measurements of zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe) concentrations were determined using neutron activation analysis in gray and white matter of the frontal and occipital regions obtained from four patients with parkinsonism-dementia (PD), eight with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and four neurologically normal controls from Guam. Zn content in gray(More)
BACKGROUND The role of gastrectomy in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer patients with non-curative factors remains controversial. We investigated prognostic factors and evaluated the role of gastrectomy in such patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eighty-eight advanced gastric cancer patients with non-curative factors were prospectively studied. The(More)
BACKGROUND Fractalkine expressed on endothelial cells mediates activation and adhesion of leucocytes expressing its receptor, CX(3)CR1. Soluble fractalkine exhibits chemotactic activity for leucocytes expressing CX(3)CR1. OBJECTIVE To determine the role of fractalkine and its receptor in systemic sclerosis (SSc) by assessing their expression levels in(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Although there are various methods to detect endotoxin mainly after the intravenous injection of purified endotoxin in a host, its uptake and distribution among the various organs is not well understood. In the present study, the time course of the distribution and disappearance of endotoxin in various rat organs following injection via two(More)
Concentrations of calcium (Ca) and aluminum (Al) were measured by neutron activation analysis and that of magnesium (Mg) by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry in 26 regions of Parkinson's disease (PD) and control brains. Ca concentration was unchanged in all anatomic subregions of PD brains compared with control brains. Mg concentration was(More)
1. Pharmacological actions of a novel benzodiazepine receptor ligand, S-8510 (2-(3-isoxazolyl)-3,6,7,9-tetrahydroimidazo[4,5-d]pyrano+ ++[4,3-b] pyridine monophosphate monohydrate), were examined in in vitro and in vivo studies. 2. S-8510 was characterized as a partial inverse agonist with a modest GABA ratio and low efficacy. 3. S-8510 ameliorated memory(More)
Continuing analytical studies on environmental factors in the foci of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the Kii Peninsula of Japan and Guam, and metal analysis using neutron activation analysis in central nervous system (CNS) tissues from ALS cases indicate that chronic exposure to metals such as aluminum and manganese, together with a deficiency of(More)
BACKGROUND We have shown that some patients presenting with chronic bronchodilator-resistant non-productive cough have global atopic tendency and airway cough hypersensitivity without non-specific bronchial hyperresponsiveness, abbreviated as atopic cough. The cough is successfully treated with histamine H1-antagonists and/or glucocorticoids. OBJECTIVE(More)
We studied the outcome of allogeneic transplants in 135 patients who received selected BM and/or PBSC CD34+ cells from HLA haplo-identical related donors. Donor engraftment was achieved in 108 of 128 evaluable transplants. Engraftment failure occurred more often in non-malignant than in malignant diseases (10 of 25 vs 17 of 103, P = 0.010). The CD34+ cell(More)