Masahiro Yamakawa

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Smooth muscle's slow, economical contractions may relate to the kinetics of the crossbridge cycle. We characterized the crossbridge cycle in smooth muscle by studying tension recovery in response to a small, rapid length change (i.e., tension transients) in single smooth muscle cells from the toad stomach (Bufo marinus). To confirm that these tension(More)
Kinetics of the cross-bridge cycle in insect fibrillar flight muscle have been measured using laser pulse photolysis of caged ATP and caged inorganic phosphate (Pi) to produce rapid step increases in the concentration of ATP and Pi within single glycerol-extracted fibers. Rapid photochemical liberation of 100 microM-1 mM ATP from caged ATP within a fiber(More)
In this paper, a novel method to estimate the shear wave speed is proposed. This method is a modified version of the lateral Time to Peak (TTP) method that estimates the induced shear wave speed. Lateral TTP algorithm finds the instance at which the maximum displacement is detected at each lateral location under examination at a certain depth. In the(More)
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