Masahiro Wakiyama

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This paper describes an audio steganography using low bits coding. This approach is to replace the data of lower bit in a cover audio data by a secret data. We used wave file as an audio data. The wave file format is a subset of Microsoft’s RIFF specification for the storage of multimedia files. We used 8 bits mono audio data. The secret data is a(More)
Now a day's use of an internet in public masses is growing. So large amount of data is stored in computers and transmitted over networks. Data security is main issue now days. Steganography is one of data hiding technique. In this paper we use a multilevel technique in audio steganography. By using multilevel technique we use three methods instead of(More)
Steganography is one of the best data hiding technique in the world which can be used to hide data without its presence felt. In today's digital world most of us communicate via use of electronic media or internet. Most people among us remain unaware about the data loss or data theft which can happen on online transmission of data or message. Valuable(More)
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