Masahiro Ueno

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We propose an image-based rendering method called"layered prob-ability mapping." The algorithm requires modest computer power, but produces high-quality output images even from textureless or noisy input images. Thus, real-time applications such as immersive teleconferencing and live broadcasting are promising areas of use. The key idea is layered(More)
The locations of proteins and epigenetic marks on the chromosomal DNA sequence are believed to demarcate the eukaryotic genome into distinct structural and functional domains that contribute to gene regulation and genome organization. However, how these proteins and epigenetic marks are organized in three dimensions remains unknown. Recent advances in(More)
Researches on marine fungi and fungi isolated from marine environments are not active compared with those on terrestrial fungi. The aim of this study was isolation of novel and industrially applicable fungi derived from marine environments. In this study, 16 fungus-like strains, MS1–MS16, were isolated from coastal marine sediment in Maizuru Bay, Japan,(More)
It is important to know the characteristics of migration pattern and vital rates of juveniles to understand the early life history and its effect on the population dynamics of fishes. The relationship between growth and migration pattern of juvenile temperate seabass Lateolabrax japonicus in the Yura River estuary was examined by combination of stable(More)
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