Masahiro Tokumitsu

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This paper proposes a profile-based sensing framework for adaptive sensor systems based on models that relate possibly heterogeneous sensor data and profiles generated by the models to detect events. With these concepts, three phases for building the sensor systems are extracted from two examples: a combustion control sensor system for an automobile engine,(More)
This paper proposes a space weather forecasting system at geostationary orbit for high-energy electron flux (>2 MeV). The forecasting model involves multiple sensors on multiple satellites. The sensors interconnect and evaluate each other to predict future conditions at geostationary orbit. The proposed forecasting model is constructed using a dynamic(More)
This paper attempts to construct a resilient sensor network model with an example of space weather forecasting. The proposed model is based on a dynamic relational network. Space weather forecasting is vital for a satellite operation because an operational team needs to make a decision for providing its satellite service. The proposed model is resilient to(More)
We propose the concept of an adaptive strategy, and we consider its robustness against other strategies. On average, the adaptive strategy achieves a higher payoff than other strategies. The strength of a strategy is defined as an adaptive measure calculated on the basis of a payoff obtained through interactions among agents. An agent interacts with other(More)
Some of the progeny of isolated mouse embryo fibroblasts acquire the ability to grow indefinitely during cultivation, presumably through some mutational events. The relevance of p53 mutations and loss of heterozygosity to the mechanism of such immortal growth capability remains controversial. Since four bases in intron 1 of the p53 gene in C3H/HeJ mice are(More)
Cooperation among agents is a crucial problem in autonomous distributed systems composed of selfish agents pursuing their own profits. An earlier study of a self-repairing network revealed that a systemic payoff was able to make the selfish agents cooperate with others. The systemic payoff is a payoff mechanism that sums up not only an agent’s own payoff,(More)