Masahiro Toiya

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The forces and particle motion during transient and oscillatory shear of granular material are investigated experimentally. In a shear cell of Taylor-Couette-type we find that how a granular shear flow starts depends strongly on the prior shear direction. If the shear direction is reversed, the material goes through a transient period during which the(More)
We track particle motions in a granular material subjected to compaction using a laser scattering-based imaging method where compaction is achieved through thermal cycling. Particle displacements in this jammed fluid correlate strongly with rearrangements of the Voronoi cells defining the local environment about the particles, similar to previous(More)
This Letter reports experimental and numerical results on particle dynamics in an out-of-equilibrium granular medium. We observed two distinct types of grain motion: the well known cage motion, during which a grain is always surrounded by the same neighbors, and low probability "jumps," during which a grain moves significantly more relative to the others.(More)
Title of dissertation: ONSET OF GRANULAR FLOWS BY LOCAL AND GLOBAL FORCING Masahiro Toiya, Doctor of Philosophy, 2006 Dissertation directed by: Professor Wolfgang Losert Department of Physics, Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics and Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology This thesis focuses on the onset of granular flows and(More)
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