Masahiro Sunohara

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A drumlike traditional Japanese instrument, the mokugyo, is experimentally discussed. First, the acoustic characteristics of 176 mokugyos with diameters ranging from 7.5 to 120 cm and three drumsticks were measured. Results show that (a) the sound spectra consist of two common peaks [F1 (Hz): first peak frequency, F2 (Hz): second peak frequency] close(More)
Many of hearing aid users have complained about discomfort of their own voice and/or the mastication sound. Such discomfort is caused by increased sound pressure at low frequencies when the ear canal is blocked by hearing aid itself. This phenomenon is called "occlusion effect" and is one of the critical issues for hearing aids. This report proposes an(More)
Howling is a very annoying problem to hearing aid users because it restricts the maximum gain of a desired signal to the hearing aid users. In general, howling can be eliminated by using an adaptive feedback canceller which estimates the feedback path from the loudspeaker to the microphone equiped in the hearing aid. When the desired signal is a correlation(More)
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