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We establish the following result: if the graph of a (nonsmooth) real-extended-valued function f : R n → R ∪ {+∞} is closed and admits a Whitney stratification, then the norm of the gradient of f at x ∈ dom f relative to the stratum containing x bounds from below all norms of Clarke subgradients of f at x. As a consequence, we obtain some Morse-Sard type(More)
By Hironaka Desingularization Theorem, any real analytic function has only normal crossing singularities after a suitable modification. We focus on the analytic equivalence of such functions with only normal crossing singularities. We prove that for such functions C ∞ right equivalence implies analytic equivalence. We prove moreover that the cardinality of(More)
Modern variational analysis provides a sophisticated unification of convex and smooth optimization theory, achieving striking generality but at the expense of possible pathology. The general theory must handle highly irregular and oscillatory functions and sets, and yet, on the other hand, a rich family of concrete instances involve no such pathology. In(More)
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