Masahiro Shiode

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The relationship between silicosis and tuberculosis is well known. Also other mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium kansasii often occur in association with pneumoconiosis. However, there are few reports describing an association of M. avium-intracellulare complex (MAC) lung disease and pneumoconiosis. The purpose of the present study is to describe clinical(More)
SETTING KL-6, a human MUC-1 mucin preferentially expressed on type II pneumocytes, is a sensitive serum marker for evaluating alveolar damage of interstitial pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis. Some patients with pulmonary tuberculosis develop severe respiratory dysfunction caused by extensive pulmonary fibrosis, compensatory emphysema and fibrous pleural(More)
It has been argued whether bronchiectasis is truly caused by MAC infection or just a predisposed condition in which MAC colonizes. Our present study was designed to evaluate the pathological findings of bronchiectases caused by Mycobacterium avium intracellulare complex (MAC) lung infection and to demonstrate MAC in the lesion of bronchiectases. A(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection causes intra- and extra-hepatic complications. The elimination of HCV has been reported to be beneficial for asthmatic patients with HCV infection. Therefore, we hypothesized that chronic HCV infection might be associated with the severity of asthma. METHODS Asthmatic patients were prospectively(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to evaluate the process of cavity formation in Mycobacterium avium intracellulare complex (MAC) lung infection, pathologically and clinically. METHODS Using resected lung specimens, we first evaluated the distribution of MAC as well as the distribution of myofibroblasts in MAC lung infection according to several(More)
A 44-year-old man, who had suffered repeated episodes of pneumonia since 1984, was admitted with complaints of cough, low grade fever and sputum. Chest X-ray showed a mass shadow in the left lower lobe. Bronchofiberscopy revealed a tumor with a smooth surface which obstructed the B9 bronchus. Left lower lobectomy was performed despite the lack of evidence(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND Docetaxel and cisplatin are both active against non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This pilot study evaluated the efficacy and toxicity of docetaxel and cisplatin as second-line chemotherapy for patients with advanced NSCLC. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eleven patients with advanced NSCLC who had no response to platinum-based treatment or had(More)
In this study, we investigated the association between the drug-induced pulmonary infiltration with eosinophilia (PIE) syndrome in a patient with hypertension and the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE-I) captopril. Although the patient developed diffuse lung field infiltrates accompanied by productive cough and striking peripheral eosinophilia,(More)
A case of peripheral adenoid cystic carcinoma in a 70-year-old woman is presented. She had a coin lesion in the left upper lung field on chest X-ray film. Before one month on admission to our hospital, she noticed a tumor in the left thigh and underwent simple resection. Histological diagnosis was liposarcoma. Lung metastasis of the liposarcoma or primary(More)
In this study, we investigated 45 foreign patients who had been diagnosed as having tuberculosis in Chugoku-Shikoku area during the past 12 years. Regarding regional characteristics, in Hiroshima prefecture an epidemic of tuberculosis was experienced among patients coming from South America, but antituberculous therapy was performed for 87% of the patients(More)