Masahiro Saitoh

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We studied the thermal properties of cavity liners that included calcium phosphate as inorganic filler, in contrast to the conventional pulp capping agents. Therefore, thermal diffusivity, specific heat capacity, and thermal conductivity were measured. In addition, thermal conductivity results were compared with those of restorative materials and human(More)
We have observed the orbital ordering in the ferromagnetic Mott-insulator Lu 2 V 2 O 7 by the polarized neutron diffraction technique. The orbital ordering pattern determined from the observed magnetic form factors can be explained in terms of a linear combination of wave functions |yz, |zx and |xy; |0 = 1 3 |xy + 1 3 |yz + 1 3 |zx ∝ |(x + y + z) 2 − r 2 ,(More)
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