Masahiro Onoe

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The reaction of 2-(trimethylsilyl)phenylboronic acid with alkynes in the presence of a rhodium catalyst affords benzosilole derivatives. The arylvinylrhodium intermediate undergoes formal substitution at a silicon center, resulting in the cleavage of a robust silicon-methyl bond in the trimethylsilyl group.
A rhodium-catalyzed coupling reaction of 2-trimethylsilylphenylboronic acid with internal alkynes is developed for the synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted benzosilole derivatives. A range of functional groups, encompassing ketones, esters, amines, aryl bromides, and heteroarenes, are compatible, which provides rapid access to diverse benzosiloles. Sequential(More)
Prostatic hyperplasia is characterized by major voiding symptoms, and treatment aims principally at improving the quality of life. Nocturnal frequency is a primary symptom that markedly impairs the quality of life. In addition to alpha 1-receptor blockers and antiandrogen agents, herbal medicines and kampo preparations have also been used, but they have not(More)
The accuracy of a system for reconstructing a three dimensional image of the left ventricle from randomly recorded multiple short axis images was tested by comparing the calculated left ventricular volume with the directly measured left ventricular volume in 11 excised porcine hearts. The system comprised a real time phased array sector scanner, a(More)
Echocardiographically abnormal regional configuration of the left ventricle is one of the clues in detecting asynergy of the left ventricular wall. For the quantitative assessment, regional left ventricular configuration was expressed quantitatively using a new index, relative curvature. To obtain the end-systolic curvature, end-systolic echocardiograms(More)
This study assessed the computerized processing of two-dimensional echocardiograms for quantitating left ventricular regional contractility and for computer reconstruction of the left ventricle; so-called three-dimensional echocardiography. Computer analysis of two-dimensional echocardiograms for quantitative evaluations of the left ventricular regional(More)
A system for reconstructing three-dimensional images of the left ventricle from randomly-recorded multiple short-axis two-dimensional images was developed. This system consisted of a real-time phased array sector scanner, a transducer-locating arm system for registering the spatial coordinates of the images, and a digitizer-computer system for digitizing(More)