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Aims/hypothesis. The association of insulin resistance and compensatory hyperinsulinaemia with increased coronary events in diabetic patients is poorly understood. There are few publications about(More)
BACKGROUND Atherosclerosis and vascular inflammation induced by hyperglycemia are important factors in the promotion of diabetic complications. One of the earliest events in the inflammatory process(More)
BACKGROUND We previously reported that culture of endothelial cells in the presence of high glucose concentrations (27.8 and 55.5 mM) increase neutrophils adhesion because of the increase in(More)
Neutrophil-endothelial adhesion is a crucial step in vascular inflammation, which is recognized as the direct cause of atherosclerosis-mediated serious diseases. We demonstrated previously that high(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS There is growing evidence that hyperinsulinemia is linked to the development of atherosclerosis in patients with diabetes. We demonstrated previously that high insulin exacerbates(More)