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Geant4 is a toolkit for simulating the passage of particles through matter. It includes a complete range of functionality including tracking, geometry, physics models and hits. The physics processes offered cover a comprehensive range, including electromagnetic, hadronic and optical processes, a large set of long-lived particles, materials and elements,(More)
SUMMARY We have proposed a neural network called the La-grange programming neural network with polarized high-order connections (LPPH) for solving the satisfiability problem (SAT) of propositional calculus. The LPPH has gradient descent dynamics for variables and gradient ascent dynamics for Lagrange multipliers, which represent the weights of the clauses(More)
In this paper, we address the Software-MCU (Micro Controller Unit) assignment problem in car electronic system design. This is a difficult optimization problem due to complex characteristics of the car electronic system; further, conflicting constraints and designer preferences make the problem more difficult. In order to solve this combinatorial(More)