Masahiro Matsubara

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In embedded control systems, the potential risks of software defects have been increasing because of software complexity which leads to, for example, timing related problems. These defects are rarely found by tests or simulations. To detect such defects, we propose a modeling method which can generate software models for model checking with a program(More)
X-by-Wire systems are expected to enhance vehicle driving performance and safety. Regarding the dependable and cost-effective electronic platform for X-by-Wire systems, the network centric architecture is proposed based on a concept of autonomous decentralized systems. This architecture enables that, if one node fails, the remaining normal nodes(More)
We report here an industrial application of the Product Line Engineering (PLE) for the development of electronic braking systems. The cost of software engineering in automotive control systems is increasing as new functions for safety, comfort, and improved fuel efficiency are integrated into electronic control units. Therefore, Component suppliers for(More)
Loss of polarity and quiescence along with increased cellular invasiveness are associated with breast tumor progression. ROCK plays a central role in actin-cytoskeletal rearrangement. We used physiologically relevant 3D cultures of nonmalignant and cancer cells in gels made of laminin-rich extracellular matrix, to investigate ROCK function. Whereas(More)
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