Masahiro Maeyama

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An extremely rare case of malignant degeneration arising separately in benign cystic teratoma of the bilateral ovaries is reported in a 51-year-old woman. The solid part of the right tumour consisted basically of squamous cell carcinoma, but had a small area of adenocarcinoma, whereas the solid part of the left tumour consisted of squamous cell carcinoma.(More)
In 48 normotensive women with epidemiologic high-risk factors for pregnancy-induced hypertension, the angiotensin sensitivity test was performed serially between 26 and 32 weeks of gestation. If an effective pressor dose of less than 12 ng/kg per minute was considered to be a positive test result, 20 subjects were positive at 30 weeks of gestation and(More)
A group of 17 patients with suspected luteal phase deficiency was treated with tamoxifen. Tamoxifen therapy was found to lengthen the luteal phase in all patients and resulted in pregnancy in 6 of 17 patients. The integrated luteal phase progesterone (P) concentration in the nontreatment cycle of seven patients was significantly lower (P less than 0.01)(More)
Daily estimations of follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin, estradiol, and progesterone were made in the serum of eight infertile patients from day 1 through the follicular phase during menstrual cycles before and after tamoxifen therapy. Tamoxifen therapy was found to shorten the follicular phase from 15.4 +/- 0.8 days (mean +/-(More)
Hormone levels in patients with threatened abortion were compared with those of women with normal pregnancies to determine the relationship between these hormone patterns and patient prognoses. Plasma progesterone, plasma unconjugated estradiol-17beta (estradiol), and plasma human chorionic somato-mammotropin (HCS) were measured serially in 27 patients with(More)
The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in the cyst fluid of ovarian mucinous and serous tumors was investigated. The molecular weight and antigenicity of the CEA from both ovarian tumors were very similar to those of colon cancer CEA as determined by SDS electrophoresis and double immunodiffusion on agar plates. In the cyst fluid of ovarian mucinous tumors, the(More)
The glycogen content, glycogen synthetase level, and glycogen phosphorylase level were studied in endometrial samples obtained from 14 infertile patients during the midluteal phase before and after clomiphene citrate (Clomid, Shionogi & Company, Ltd., Osaka, Japan) treatment, simultaneously with measurement of the serum concentrations of estradiol and(More)