Masahiro Kuniyoshi

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PURPOSE To determine the incidence of Herpes zoster in patients with one of 17 specific underlying diseases compared with that in patients with other underlying diseases. METHODS We conducted a retrospective hospital-based cohort study using data from patients' electronic medical records for the period 2001-2007 of the Kitano Hospital Research Database.(More)
A 29-year-old Japanese man with Duchenne muscular dystrophy was placed on a mechanical ventilator support at 23 years of age and admitted to our hospital at 25 years of age. He had severe neck contracture deviated to the left side which resulted in dysphagia and microaspiration. At 29 years of age, he developed left lobar pneumonia accompanied by slight(More)
The relation of the infected to nephritis, rheumatic and heart diseases has been recognized but that to dermatoses has not been fully established nor applied clinically by dermatogists or otolaryngologists in the treatment of such patients. In order to assess to attitude of dermatologists as regards the dermatoses due to focal tonsillar infection, a(More)
We report a 20-year-old man with intractable myasthenia gravis successfully treated with total lymphoid irradiation (TLI). An encapsulated thymoma in the anterior mediastinum was resected as extended thymectomy by video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery at 2 months after the onset of ptosis and muscle weakness. Following treatments, such as ambenonium(More)
A 60-year-old male patient visited our hospital for evaluation of positive sputum cytology. A chest X-ray film revealed no abnormal shadows. Bronchofiberscopy showed a protruding lesion at the spur between left B8 and B9. Histological findings indicated squamous cell carcinoma. Left lower lobectomy with hilar and mediastinal lymph node dissection was(More)