Masahiro Kokubu

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The purpose of the present study was to determine whether reaction time (RT) for the peripheral visual field increases at exercise intensity above the ventilatory threshold (VT) during incremental exercise and to examine the relationship between aerobic capacity and the extent of increase in the RT. Nine healthy subjects performed a simple manual RT task(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that decrease in cerebral oxygenation compromises an individual's ability to respond to peripheral visual stimuli during exercise. We measured the simple reaction time (RT) to peripheral visual stimuli at rest and during and after cycling at three different workloads [40%, 60%, and 80% peak oxygen uptake(More)
We examined the effects of acute exercise on reaction time to visual stimuli presented in the central portion and periphery of the visual field. Twelve participants performed reaction time tasks at rest and during cycling at 65 % peak oxygen uptake in two visual conditions. We used circular black-and-white checkerboard patterns as visual stimuli. The(More)
This study tested whether cerebral oxygenation affects cognitive function during exercise. We measured reaction times (RT) of 12 participants while they performed a modified version of the Eriksen flanker task, at rest and while cycling. In the exercise condition, participants performed the cognitive task at rest and while cycling at three workloads [40,(More)
A method of assay for glycated fibrinogen (C-Fbg) in plasma has been developed. This method is based on the measurement of 1-deoxy-1-morpholino-D-fructose (DMF) in the fibrinogen (Fbg) solution separated from plasma and redissolved. Twenty five NIH units of thrombin was added to 600 microliters of plasma. After incubation, the fibrin clot was separated and(More)
The interaction of lidocaine hydrochloride or lidocaine ester derivatives with lecithin vesicles was investigated by proton magnetic resonance (1H-NMR) spectroscopy. Signal broadening of drug indicated the incorporation of the drug into the vesicle membrane. Positively charged nitrogen of lidocaine hydrochloride interacted with polar part of the lecithin(More)
The purpose of this study was to test if increased oxygen availability affected simple reaction time (RT) to peripheral visual stimuli during exercise. Twelve male participants performed RT tasks at rest, during cycling with three different workloads (100, 150, and 200 W), and after exercise. We fractionated RT into Premotor time and Motor time. Under(More)
The present study examined whether attention can be evenly distributed within the large area of the visual field. The stimulus was presented at one of four locations on the horizontal meridian (0 degrees, 10 degrees, 20 degrees, and 30 degrees to the right). In the Fixed Location condition, the stimulus appeared repeatedly at the same location. In the(More)
This paper describes a primary voice restoration technique designed to eliminate the problem of aspiration commonly encountered in rehabilitation procedures following laryngectomy. This technique, utilized in 16 patients, consists of a unique combination of tracheal flap for voice production and bilateral esophageal constrictor muscle flaps to prevent(More)