Masahiro Kazama

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Depending on the clinical application, it is frequently necessary to tilt the gantry of an x-ray CT system with respect to the patient and couch. For single-slice fan-beam systems, tilting the gantry introduces no errors or artifacts. Most current systems, however, are helical multislice systems with up to 16 slices. The multislice helical reconstruction(More)
Experiments were conducted to confirm the isotropic spatial resolution of multislice CT with a 0.5 mm slice thickness. Isotropic spatial resolution means that the spatial resolution in the transaxial plane (X-Y plane) and that in the longitudinal direction (Z direction) are equivalent. To obtain point spread function (PSF) values in the X-Y-Z directions,(More)
PURPOSE The image noise and image quality of a prototype ultra-high-resolution computed tomography (U-HRCT) scanner was evaluated and compared with those of conventional high-resolution CT (C-HRCT) scanners. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was approved by the institutional review board. A U-HRCT scanner prototype with 0.25 mm x 4 rows and operating at(More)
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