Masahiro Kanno

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To examine whether attention deficits in the Continuous Performance Test (CPT) and in the Span of Apprehension Test (SPAN) are observed in Japanese schizophrenics, 49 chronic medicated schizophrenics and 43 normal controls were administered the UCLA version of CPT and SPAN. To investigate whether each measure of the CPT and the SPAN is independently(More)
Although abnormal social cue perception in schizophrenia is thought to be a factor in impairing the acquisition of social skills, there have been no studies on social cue perception in Japanese schizophrenics. In order to clarify the characteristics of social cue perception in Japanese schizophrenic patients, 46 schizophrenics and 41 normal controls were(More)
The preservation of procedural memory in individuals with schizophrenia has been confirmed by methods such as the Tower of Hanoi, pursuit rotor and mirror reading tests. However, the cognitive procedural memory of Japanese subjects with schizophrenia has never been assessed using mirror reading. To better determine the characteristics of cognitive(More)
Eye movements in response to visual stimuli (Benton Visual Retention Test) were examined in 22 temporal lobe epileptics (TLEs), 10 primary generalized epileptics (PGEs), and 20 normal controls. In the normal controls, the percent fixation time on the left peripheral figure was higher than that on the right peripheral figure, a tendency also found in the(More)
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