Masahiro Kanno

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To examine whether attention deficits in the Continuous Performance Test (CPT) and in the Span of Apprehension Test (SPAN) are observed in Japanese schizophrenics, 49 chronic medicated schizophrenics and 43 normal controls were administered the UCLA version of CPT and SPAN. To investigate whether each measure of the CPT and the SPAN is independently(More)
Although abnormal social cue perception in schizophrenia is thought to be a factor in impairing the acquisition of social skills, there have been no studies on social cue perception in Japanese schizophrenics. In order to clarify the characteristics of social cue perception in Japanese schizophrenic patients, 46 schizophrenics and 41 normal controls were(More)
  • Masahiro Kanno, Austin L Carroll, Shota Atsumi
  • 2017
Cyanobacteria have attracted much attention as hosts to recycle CO2 into valuable chemicals. Although cyanobacteria have been engineered to produce various compounds, production efficiencies are too low for commercialization. Here we engineer the carbon metabolism of Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942 to improve glucose utilization, enhance CO2 fixation and(More)
The preservation of procedural memory in individuals with schizophrenia has been confirmed by methods such as the Tower of Hanoi, pursuit rotor and mirror reading tests. However, the cognitive procedural memory of Japanese subjects with schizophrenia has never been assessed using mirror reading. To better determine the characteristics of cognitive(More)
1. A 52-year-old female with refractory depression had not responded to various treatments including electroconvulsive therapy and augmentation therapy with lithium or triiodothyronine. 2. Addition of bromocriptine 2.5-5 mg/day to imipramine improved her depressive symptoms. However, when the dose was increased to 15 mg/day to treat residual depressive(More)
A 56-year-old man presented with an unusual cranial penetration injury due to a horse's hoof. The CT number of the hoof was 269, and thus clearly not that of a wooden fragment or bone. An emergency operation was performed to remove the foreign body. The operation went well, and no infection developed. Eight months later he could walk unaided and had only(More)
Eye movements in response to visual stimuli (Benton Visual Retention Test) were examined in 22 temporal lobe epileptics (TLEs), 10 primary generalized epileptics (PGEs), and 20 normal controls. In the normal controls, the percent fixation time on the left peripheral figure was higher than that on the right peripheral figure, a tendency also found in the(More)
Among various cases of intracranial hemorrhage in the newborn caused by birth injury, posterior fossa subdural hematoma is of serious nature in many cases and often results in death after critical clinical course due to compression of the respiratory center of the medulla oblongata. We have recently experienced two cases of subdural hematoma in the(More)
Thirty patients with intracranial ependymoma were treated in our clinic from 1965 through 1984. They were 13 children and 17 adults. As for the location of tumor, 9 were in the lateral ventricle, 8 in the cerebral hemisphere, 12 in the fourth ventricle and one in the third ventricle. Histologically, 18 were benign and 12 were anaplastic. The clinical course(More)