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Tree roots in forest soils can be detected using nondestructive ground-penetrating radar (GPR). However, few studies have investigated root detection frequency; i.e., how many and which roots are identified in a radar profile out of the total quantity of roots present in a forest stand. The objective of this study was to quantify root detection frequency(More)
Objective of this research is to study the presence of 3D flash lag illusion created by a moving object that has a motion-in-depth and a flash object. An object consisting of two thin sticks was simulated to approach the subject who observed it with a stereoscope. In the process of approaching, another stick was briefly presented in the middle of the moving(More)
The paper aims to present a new human-scale haptic device for virtual environment named Scaleable-SPIDAR (Space Interface Device for Artificial Reality), which can provides different aspects of force feedback sensations, associated mainly with weight, contact and inertia, to both hands within a cave-like space. Tensioned string techniques are used to(More)
We here report on a male infant with Ohtahara syndrome. Tonic spasms in series appeared in an one-month-old baby, with his EEG showing a typical suppression burst pattern. We attempted these therapies in the following order; high-dose pyridoxal phosphate; anti-epileptic drugs; sodium valproate, phenobarbital, clonazepam and clobazam in various doses and(More)
Continuous advances in computer technology are making it possible to construct virtual environments with an ever-increasing sense of visual realism. What is lacking are interfaces that allow users to manipulate virtual objects in an intuitive manner. In this paper, we present a 7 DOF tension-based haptic interface that allows users to not only grip an(More)
Multiple mechanisms that maintain Ca(2+) homeostasis and provide for Ca(2+) signalling operate in the somatas and neurohypophysial nerve terminals of supraoptic nucleus (SON) neurones. Here, we examined the Ca(2+) clearance mechanisms of SON neurones from adult rats by monitoring the effects of the selective inhibition of different Ca(2+) homeostatic(More)