Masahiro Irie

Goulven Cosquer2
Akinori Nakata2
Shoji Nagata2
2Goulven Cosquer
2Akinori Nakata
2Shoji Nagata
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The purpose of this study is to examine the independent association of job satisfaction with common cold and sickness absence among Japanese workers. A total of 307 apparently healthy white-collar employees (165 men and 142 women), aged 22-69 (mean 36) yr, completed a questionnaire survey during April to June, 2002. Global job satisfaction was measured by a(More)
Three isostructural 1D lanthanoid complexes with the general formula {[Ln 2 (DTE)(H-DTE)(MeOH) 2 ]¨ 2H 2 O} n (Ln = Tb, Dy, and Yb; DTE = 1,2-bis(5-carboxyl-2-methyl-3-thienyl) perfluorocyclopentene) were synthesized. In the 1D chain structure of each complex, lanthanide ions are seven coordinate with a capped trigonal prism geometry. The(More)
A major roadblock to fully realizing molecular electronic devices is the ability to control the properties of each molecule in the device. Herein we report the control of the magnetic properties of single-molecule magnets (SMMs), which can be used in memory devices, by using a photo-isomerizable diarthylenthene ligand. Photo-isomerization of the(More)
Although a single-item job satisfaction measure has been shown to be reliable and inclusive as multiple-item scales in relation to health, studies including immunological data are few. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the validity of single-item job and family life satisfaction based on its association with immune indices. A total of 189(More)
To clarify the possibility of pharmacological mediation on classical conditioning-associated asthmatic response, the effect of diazepam on an odor-induced conditioned histamine release was investigated in ovalbumin (OA)-sensitized guinea pigs, i.e. a model of bronchial asthma. The animals received conditioning sessions in which an antigen (OA) as the(More)
An odometry system that mobile robot uses for positioning has cumulative error because of wheels' slippage and uneven ground. It causes a risk of collision to obstacles. Therefore, we propose a path evaluation method for a mobile robot based on a risk of collision. To e v aluate a robot's path, we deene an evaluation value as an integral of a risk of(More)
To investigate the effect of abrupt or non-abrupt isolation stress on the classical conditioned histamine release, socially isolated or paired guinea pigs underwent conditioning procedures in which ovalbumin (OA) as an unconditioned stimulus (US) and dimethylsulfide (sulfur smelling) as a conditioned stimulus (CS) were simultaneously inhaled, and the plasma(More)
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