Masahiro Hotta

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We analyse a protocol of quantum energy teleportation that transports energy from the left edge of a linear ion crystal to the right edge by local operations and classical communication at a speed considerably greater than the speed of a phonon in the crystal. A probe qubit is strongly coupled with phonon fluctuation in the ground state for a short time,(More)
A new protocol, quantum energy distribution (QED), is proposed in which multiple parties can simultaneously extract positive energy from spin chains by common secret keys shared by an energy supplier. QED is robust against impersonation; an adversary, who does not have a common secret key and attempts to get energy, will instead give energy to the spin(More)
We describe a case of duodenal varices successfully treated with balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration (BRTO) alone. A 63-year-old man presented with tarry stools. Computed tomography demonstrated dilated varices around the duodenum. Emergency endoscopic examination revealed varices of the second portion of the duodenum without active(More)
The development of techniques for manipulation of quantum information has opened the door to a variety of protocols for accomplishing unprecedented tasks. In particular, a new protocol of quantum teleportation was proposed in 2008 to achieve e¤ective energy transportation simply via local operations and classical communication — without breaking any known(More)
In a Rindler-type coordinate system spanned in a region outside of a black hole horizon, we have nonvanishing classical holographic charges as soft hairs on the horizon for stationary black holes. Taking a large black hole mass limit, the spacetimes with the charges are described by asymptotic Rindler metrics. We construct a general theory of gravitational(More)
We describe the spontaneous rupture of a simple hepatic cyst. A 62-year-old woman was admitted for right upper quadrant pain of sudden onset. The patient denied a history of abdominal trauma. Computed tomography of the abdomen showed a 13-cm-diameter solitary hepatic cyst in the right lobe. Part of the cyst surface was irregular, and the internal echo was(More)
Quantum estimation theory provides optimal observations for various estimation problems for unknown parameters in the state of the system under investigation. However, the theory has been developed under the assumption that every observable is available for experimenters. Here, we generalize the theory to problems in which the experimenter can use only(More)
Limited information is available about histopathological reactions to the implanted endocardial electrodes of pacemakers (PM). Gross anatomic and histologic studies of tissue reactions to PM electrodes were made in thirteen autopsy cases (nine men and four women, ages 25 approximately 89 years, mean age 71.8) who died two months to twenty-one years after PM(More)
Recently a remarkable quantum protocol, quantum energy tele-portation(QET) has been proposed, in which localized energy can be transported on average from one position to another only by LOCC. The protocol attains a cruicial propterty that dissipation of the energy transportation is drastically suppressed. This is because we transmit only classical(More)