Masahiro Hirano

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This paper presents a networked vision system for tracking high-speed objects moving across multiple cameras' fields of view. Tracking vehicles that travel along highway is one of the potential applications, and the vehicles can be continuously tracked from the entrance to the exit without being lost. Such a system can be used for surveillance and analysis(More)
We propose a driving safety support system (DSSS) that employs a high-speed vision system installed in the environment surrounding, for instance, highways, urban roads, and intersections. The aim of the system is to recognize potentially dangerous traffic situations, including those that are undetectable from a moving vehicle, and to use this information(More)
This paper presents an approach for document rectification using a quasi-isometric mapping derived from a novel model that represents a deformed document surface. The model is composed of rectangle fragments of the developed document plane. This was realized by introducing gap relaxation which permits unconnected fragments. Our experiments show that our(More)
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