Masahiro Ebitani

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A 41-year-old man with multiple sclerosis (MS) complained of nocturnal enuresis at the third exacerbation. Neurological examination revealed echopraxia, forced grasp reflexes and palmo-mental reflexes. The urodynamic studies showed neither spinal cord nor peripheral nerve involvements. His brain magnetic resonance images (MRIs) revealed new lesions at the(More)
A 22-year-old man with a previous uveitis episode was admitted to our hospital because of persistent hiccup. On admission, he presented right-upper quadrantanopia, mydriasis and lack of the light reflex in the left eye, left-sided hemiplegia, and bilateral pathologic hyperreflexia. The MR fluid attenuated inversion recovery images showed left side dominant,(More)
JO N 3 13 8 examination of the specimens obtained by fine needle aspiration of the gland revealed no malignancies. On neurological examination, the eye movements were severely restricted in all directions with mild bilateral ptosis (Fig. 1 a). He also had difficulty in opening the mouth, and his tongue was enlarged, hard, rimmed by indentations caused by(More)
A significant difference in the bond distances or angles and short contacts between the two adjacent isoalloxazine (IA) rings in the riboflavin tetracarboxylate crystal are attributable to the nonbonded interaction. The perturbation of the electronic state in the IA ring accompanied by the elimination of the protic solvent well explains an occurrence of(More)
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