Masahiro Ariizumi

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Pasteurized egg yolk with 10% (w/w) salt was stored at 5, -5, -15, -20, and -30 degrees C for 1 to 6 mo, respectively. Changes in generation of volatiles of the stored samples (5 and -5 degrees C for 6 mo) were analyzed by SPME-GC-MS. Emulsifying properties of egg yolk stored at -5, -15, -20, and -30 degrees C for 1 mo, respectively, were also evaluated by(More)
As a pre-processing step of image segmentation, superpixel algorithms are used to produce small, uniform and compact regions, which can be used for region-based image coding, region-based image processing, and object recognition. In order to meet the requirements of real-time applications for embedded computing, it is necessary to reduce the computational(More)
This study was made to examine the combined effects of stored temperature and carbon dioxide atmosphere on shell egg quality. The shell eggs were packed into polyethylene terephthalate/polyethylene (PET/PE) pouches and stored at 0 degrees C (super chilling), 10 degrees C, and 20 degrees C, respectively for 90 d. The atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration(More)
Mayonnaise-like oil-in-water emulsions with different stabilities-evaluated from the degree of macroscopic defects, e.g., syneresis-were prepared by different formulations and processing conditions (egg yolk weight, homogenizer speed, and vegetable oil temperature). Emulsions prepared with lower egg yolk content were destabilized for shorter periods. The(More)
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