Masahiro Aoyagi

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Neutral amino acid (NAA) transport across the blood-brain barrier was examined in pentobarbital-anesthetized rats with an in situ brain perfusion technique. Fourteen of 16 plasma NAAs showed measurable affinity for the cerebrovascular NAA transport system. Values of the transport constants (Vmax, Km, KD) were determined for seven large NAAs from saturation(More)
Regional transport of 1-aminocyclohexanecarboxylic acid (ACHC), a nonmetabolizable amino acid, across the blood-brain barrier was studied in pentobarbital-anesthetized rats using an in situ brain perfusion technique. The concentration dependence of influx was best described by a model with a saturable and a nonsaturable component. Best-fit values for the(More)
Unidirectional L-phenylalanine transport into six brain regions of pentobarbital-anesthetized rats was studied using the in situ brain perfusion technique. This technique allows both accurate measurements of cerebrovascular amino acid transport and complete control of perfusate amino acid composition. L-Phenylalanine influx into the brain was sodium(More)
Three-dimensional ICs are expected to bring about a new generation of integration by allowing for a smaller footprint, faster operation, and lower energy consumption. Manufacturing defects in through-silicon via (TSV) and disconnection defects among tiers are concerns in this new technology. To prevent yield loss from these defects, confirming(More)
Guinea pigs were exposed to 2 kHz pure-tone or octave-band pass noise at an intensity of 100 dBSPL for 30 min. The effects of sound exposure on cochlear microphonics (CM) and compound action potential (AP) were studied using a test condition devised to complete the measurement of the sensitivity of both potentials for the frequency from 1 to 7 kHz within(More)
We investigated the effects of noise and salicylate on the guinea pig cochlea by monitoring the acoustic nerve compound action potential (CAP) as well as the 2f1-f2 distortion product in the cochlear microphonics (DP-CM). The alterations of DP-CMs by noise and salicylate revealed an apparent difference, even when the noise-induced and salicylate-induced CAP(More)