Masahiko Sasajima

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OBJECTIVE Although the diagnostic utility of serum IgG antibodies to Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is well established, the usefulness of IgA-based tests is less well documented. The aim of this study was to evaluate two commercially available ELISAs, both for IgG and IgA. PATIENTS AND METHODS Rapid urease test and histology analysis were performed in(More)
The importance of atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia is related to the fact that it increases the risk of gastric cancer development. The aim of this study is to evaluate the diagnostic potential of serum pepsinogens in predicting the topography of intestinal metaplasia. Both dye endoscopy and 13C-urea breath test were carried out in 878(More)
In previous papers (1, 2), it has been reported that in male rats the administration of morphine and also starvation caused a marked decrease in the activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes of liver microsomes for hexobarbital hydroxylation and aminopyrine N-demethyl ation, but this was not the case in female rats. On the other hand, the activities of drug(More)
We designed a new method of measuring gastric emptying and orocecal transit time (OCTT) at the same time to assess the influence of gastric emptying upon OCTT. Twenty-five dyspeptic patients (6 men, 19 women) with a mean age of 64.8 years (range, 25–80 years) were studied. The patients received a liquid test meal, containing 100 mg of 13C-acetate and 12 g(More)
OBJECTIVES Because bacteria represent the sole source of gut hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4), fasting breath H2 and CH4 gases have been used as markers of colonic fermentation. The presence of carbohydrates in the colonic lumen inhibits gastric and pancreatic secretions, and also influences lower oesophageal sphincter function in gastro-oesophageal reflux(More)
BACKGROUND Breath hydrogen levels after ingestion of polyethylene glycol were evaluated as a method of predicting the quality of colonic preparation. METHODS One hundred patients undergoing nonemergency colonoscopy were recruited for this study. After fasting overnight, they were instructed to ingest a polyethylene glycol solution containing 12 g(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM A late rise in (13)CO2 excretion in the (13)C-urea breath test (UBT) should be found when the substrate passes rapidly through the stomach and makes contact with the colonic bacteria. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of intestinal urease activity on the results of the UBT. METHOD A total of 143 subjects who were(More)
D-Penicillamine (D-PA), 80-100 mg/kg/day enhanced the early phase of adjuvant arthritis (AA) in rats when it was administered orally for about 4 weeks after the adjuvant injection day, whereas dexamethasone (1 mg/kg/day, p.o.) and chloroquine diphosphate (25 mg/kg/day, p.o.) inhibited AA in the same dosing regimen. On the other hand, subcutaneous injection(More)
Rat mesenteric and hind limb arteries were perfused with the rat's own blood under constant perfusion rate, in situ. The effect of dopamine (DA) administered intraarterially was investigated and compared with effects of norepinephrine (NE), tyramine (Tyr), and phenylephrine (PHE). The magnitude of the vasoconstrictive maximum response of both vasculatures(More)