Masahiko Kito

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The voltage-dependent calcium current (ICa) in cultured human neuroblastoma cells (NB-I) was studied by whole-cell recording. The low-threshold current (Il), the high-threshold, fast inactivating current (Ih.f.), and the high-threshold, slow inactivating current (Ih.s.) were identified. Il. was blocked by Ni2+. Ih.f. was blocked by omega-conotoxin GVIA.(More)
Major mitochondrial phospholipids were examined in rat brain after 30 minutes of reperfusion following 30- or 60-minute periods of ischemia to examine their changes and explore their relationship to mitochondrial dysfunction during postischemic reperfusion. The amount of phospholipids and the percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acid chains, which tended to(More)
The voltage-dependent calcium channel current (ICa) in the neuroblastoma cell line of human origin (NB-I) was studied by the whole-cell clamp recording. Three types of ICa were identified in NB-I cells. Our electrophysiological and pharmacological findings have suggested that these three types of ICa are consistent with the T-, N- and L-type ICa,(More)
We performed a retrospective analysis of 17 children with photosensitive seizures (PSS) who had been followed for more than 3 years (mean: 9 years). PSS were verified in all patients by simultaneous video-EEG monitoring. The seizures were precipitated by flickering stroboscopes (14 patients) or were induced by patients themselves (3) with head-nodding in(More)
Changes in content of brain mitochondrial phospholipids were examined in rats after 30 and 60 min of decapitation ischemia compared with controls, to explore the degradation of the mitochondrial membrane and its relation to dysfunction of mitochondria. Activities of respiratory functions and respiratory enzymes (cytochrome c oxidase; F0F1-ATPase) decreased(More)
We describe a 4-month-old Japanese infant with West syndrome with gelastic seizures in clusters. Smile developed around 3 months and gradually increased in frequency and intensity. Positron emission tomography showed hypoperfusion in bilateral hypothalamus. Interictal electroencephalogram (EEG) showed hypsarrythmia. Simultaneous video/EEG monitoring was(More)
There is a growing body of evidence regarding cell competition between normal and mutant mammalian cells, which suggest that it may play a defensive role in the early phase of carcinogenesis. In vitro study in the past has shown that overexpression of vimentin in normal epithelial cells at the contact surface with transformed cells is essential for the cell(More)
Lynch syndrome (LS) is an autosomal-dominant inherited disorder mainly caused by a germline mutation in the DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes (MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, and PMS2) and is associated with increased risk for various cancers, particularly colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer (EC). Women with LS account for 2% to 6% of EC patients; it is clinically(More)
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