Masahiko Inami

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Augmented haptics lets users touch surface information of any modality. SmartTouch uses optical sensors to gather information and electrical stimulation to translate it into tactile display. Augmented reality is an engineer's approach to this dream. In AR, sensors capture artificial information from the world, and existing sensing channels display it.(More)
Although texture mapping is a common technique for adding apparent surface detail to 3-D objects, it lacks the capability to represent the motion parallax effect. So the mesh to which it is applied limits its realism. In this paper, we propose Parallax Mapping, a simple method to motion parallax effects on a polygon. This method has very fast per-pixel(More)
We propose a novel display-based game environment using augmented reality technology with small robots. In this environment, the small robots can be augmented by a display image according to their positions and postures. The augmentation activity reinforces the fun of playing with such small robots in the real world.
This paper presents a new form of remote active tangible interactions built with the Display-based Measurement and Control System. A prototype system was constructed to demonstrate the concepts of coupled remote tangible objects on rear projected tabletop displays. A user evaluation measuring social presence for two users performing a furniture placement(More)
We present a sensing technology and input method that uses skin deformation estimated through a thin band-type device attached to the human body, the appearance of which seems socially acceptable in daily life. An input interface usually requires feedback. SenSkin provides tactile feedback that enables users to know which part of the skin they are touching(More)
A laser pointer can be a powerful tool for robot control. However, in the past, their use in the field of robotics has been limited to simple target designation, without exploring their potential as versatile input devices. This paper proposes to create a laser pointer-based user interface for giving various instructions to a robot by applying stroke(More)
This paper proposes a novel ‘Visuo-Haptic Display’ using a Head-Mounted Projector (HMP) with X’tal Vision optics. Our goal is to develop the device which enables an observer to touch a virtual object just as it is seen. We describe the detail design of an HMP with X’tal Vision, which is very suitable for Augmented Reality. For instance, the HMP makes(More)
We present SpiderVision, a wearable device that extends the human field of view to augment a user's awareness of things happening behind one's back. SpiderVision leverages a front and back camera to enable users to focus on the front view while employing intelligent interface techniques to cue the user about activity in the back view. The extended back view(More)
This article explores direct touch and manipulation techniques for surface computing environments using a specialized haptic force feedback stylus, called ImpAct, which can dynamically change its effective length and equipped with sensors to calculate its orientation in world coordinates. When a user pushes it against a touch screen, the physical stylus(More)