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We propose a novel display-based game environment using augmented reality technology with small robots. In this environment, the small robots can be augmented by a display image according to their positions and postures. The augmentation activity reinforces the fun of playing with such small robots in the real world.
nteractions with our surroundings make up a major part of our lives. In this relationship, we receive information from the world through the five major sensory modalities. Thus, we are fundamentally limited by the tiny sensory organs in charge of these sensations. Natural ambition arises, making us seek sensing abilities beyond the usual physical limits to(More)
This paper presents a new form of remote active tangible interactions built with the Display-based Measurement and Control System. A prototype system was constructed to demonstrate the concepts of coupled remote tangible objects on rear projected tabletop displays. A user evaluation measuring social presence for two users performing a furniture placement(More)
"panavi," a recipe medium, supports cooking experience for domestic users to master professional culinary arts in their kitchens by managing temperature and pan movement properly. Utilizing a sensors-embedded frying pan--providing projected images, LED indications, and vibration--wirelessly connected with a computer system that shows text messages with(More)
We present an actuated handheld puppet system for controlling the posture of a virtual character. Physical puppet devices have been used in the past to intuitively control character posture. In our research, an actuator is added to each joint of such an input device to provide physical feedback to the user. This enhancement offers many benefits. First, the(More)
Office workers spend a majority of their time in front of their computer display. Therefore the display becomes a constant visual barrier and a barrier for communication. Even workers sitting across a table have to make a high effort to communicate by either standing up or walking around the table to see each other. Transparent displays have a high(More)
Although texture mapping is a common technique for adding apparent surface detail to 3-D objects, it lacks the capability to represent the motion parallax effect. So the mesh to which it is applied limits its realism. In this paper, we propose Parallax Mapping, a simple method to motion parallax effects on a polygon. This method has very fast per-pixel(More)
This paper proposes a novel 'Visuo-Haptic Display' using a Head-Mounted Projector (HMP) with X'tal Vision optics. Our goal is to develop the device which enables an observer to touch a virtual object just as it is seen. We describe the detail design of an HMP with X'tal Vision, which is very suitable for Augmented Reality. For instance, the HMP makes(More)
Numerous robots have been developed, and some of them are already being used in homes, institutions, and workplaces. Despite the development of useful robot functions, the focus so far has not been on user interfaces of robots. General users of robots find it hard to understand what the robots are doing and what kind of work they can do. This paper presents(More)