Masahiko Horiuchi

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We reconstructed an animation made from computer-generated holograms with a reflective LCD panel that had a pixel pitch of 10 mumx10 mum and resolution of 1400x1050 . Using a LED as the reference light, we could clearly observe three-dimensional images whose size was approximately 30 mmx10 mm x30 mm . Moreover, we reconstructed a color holograph by use of a(More)
It has been reported that the mandibular body and the dental arch distort during jaw movements because of contraction of the jaw muscles. In the present study the relative position between two biointegrated implants approx. 10 mm apart was measured during maximum opening and protrusive movements of the jaw using a magnetic sensor system. Mandibular(More)
A new optical system to measure movements of less accessible organs composed of soft tissue is proposed. The sensor unit is composed of a phototransistor and two light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The LEDs act as light sources and are driven by two phase signals with a phase shift of 90 degrees. The distance between the sensor and the measuring object can be(More)
Marginal bone height and bone density were evaluated for 2 years after two-piece dense hydroxyapatite implant (Apaceram) placement using standardized radiography and digital image processing. The chronological changes in marginal bone height were divided into three groups: Group I-level was constant or became higher with time; Group II-bone decreased(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the acoustic characteristics of the nine sounds, /sa/, /si/, /ka/, /ki/, /ci/, /hi/ and /ri/, which were reported affected by wearing complete denture, through the acoustic analysis of speech samples uttered by nine male subjects. Spectrum analysis was done within the frequency range of 0 to 10 KHz according to(More)
This study investigated the occlusal stress distribution to the implant and soft tissue for the implant-retained overdenture. The stress at the molar residual ridge and the strain around the implant were measured on an experimental resin cast using static and dynamic loading. The influence of connecting structures of stud attachments on stress distribution(More)
We have demonstrated a new insertion technique, "pilot-hole preparation", for proper implant positioning. The purpose of this study was to investigate the histological and biomechanical efficacies of the technique. We analyzed the influence of implant position on the stress distribution to the bone by the two-dimensional finite element method (FEM). In(More)
Bone changes following the placement of apatite implants are examined using standardized radiographs and digital image processing. This paper validates the methodology and presents obvious bone changes following the placement of apatite implants.
UNLABELLED A new digital image processing system to observe oral actions is proposed. The system provides analyses of motion pictures along with other physiological signals. The major components are a video tape recorder, a digital image processor, a percept scope, a CCD camera, an A/D converter and a personal computer. Five reference points were marked on(More)