Masahiko Asano

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We report a rare case of late staple-line recurrence arising 10 years after functional end-to-end anastomosis for splenic flexure colon cancer. An 80-year-old man, who underwent partial colectomy with functional end-to-end anastomosis for splenic flexure colon cancer 10 years earlier, presented with a chief complaint of anorexia. Complete blood count showed(More)
Aim. The efficacy of the short hydration regimen was reported in chemotherapy containing intermediate- to high-dose cisplatin, and the use of outpatient chemotherapy containing cisplatin with short hydration has been widespread in recent years. Methods. We compared patients with gastric cancer, lung cancer, and urothelial cancer who received outpatient(More)
A 67-year-old Japanese woman with liver cirrhosis was affected by an unusual acute progressive encephalopathy, presenting mental confusion and slurred speech as its initial symptoms. She died in profound coma, following the entire course of 17 days. Autopsy disclosed bilateral symmetrical, widespread, edematous and necrotic lesions, their centers being(More)
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