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We have constructed a blind source separation system based on stochastic computing techniques, and have implemented it using an FPGA. In stochastic computing, analog quantities are represented by pulse sequences. The advantage of this method is its simple circuitry. For this reason, stochastic computing systems have been applied to massive circuits such as(More)
In this paper, a new viewpoint, "individuality" and "sociality", is introduced for analyzing the multi-agent system's behavior. A hypothesis is set up that the both behavioral characters emerge to generate different actions from the other agent to increase each agent's benet. "Individuality" is dened as the dier-ence of actions between agents based on the(More)
In this paper, we present a system generating free-viewpoint video in real-time using multiple cameras and a PC-cluster. Our system firstly reconstructs a shape model of objects by the visual cone intersection method, secondly transforms the shape model represented in terms of a voxel form into a triangular patch form, thirdly colors vertexes of triangular(More)
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