Masahide Minami

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The purpose of this study was to examine the characteristics of each activity domain which make up activities of daily living (ADL). We used the ADL index with a unidimensional scale for partially dependent older adults, and examined the distribution of the ADL score and self-evaluation of health and physical fitness. There were 466 subjects from age 60 to(More)
This study evaluated the effectiveness of a computer-based stress management training (SMT) program in improving employees' psychological well-being and work performance. A total of 12 work units (N=263) were randomly assigned to either an intervention group (8 work units, n=142) or to a wait-list control group (4 work units, n=121). All participants were(More)
BACKGROUND Temporary employment, a precarious form of employment, is recognized as social determinant of poor health. However, evidence supporting precarious employment as a risk factor for health is mainly obtained from subjective data. Studies using objective clinical measurement data in the assessment of health status are limited. This study compared(More)
This paper presents a computer-aided diagnosis for pneumoconiosis radiographs obtained with a common CCD scanner. Since the existing diagnosis systems for pneumoconiosis extract abnormalities of pneumoconiosis from images obtained with a special scanner which can appropriately apply for chest radiographs, it is difficult to apply the methods to images(More)
In a mass screening for gastric cancer, diagnosticians read several hundred stomach X-ray pictures at a time. The existing systems of computer-aided diagnosis for the cancer mark the location of lesions appeared in X-ray images. However, the systems do not reduce the hard labor due to lack of the accuracy in the marking. Besides, to diagnose characteristics(More)
This paper presents a method for extracting effective image features from double contrast X-ray images of stomach to discriminate Helicobacter pylori infection with the images. In the proposed method, after the area for diagnosis is determined, the proposed features are extracted from the area based on characteristics of the images with the infection. In(More)
The purpose of this study was to select effective tests of motor ability based on pass-or-fail criteria for use with preschool children. 37 items selected by examining theoretical validity and the results of preliminary tests were administered to preschool children (3 yr.: M = 3.7 yr., SD = 0.28; 4 yr.: M = 4.7 yr., SD = 0.28; 5 yr.: M = 5.7 yr., SD =(More)