Masaharu Yasue

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A series of 17 infants and children with cerebral primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs) detected by computed tomography is presented. The pertinent literature is reviewed. Because of ongoing nosological difficulty, we include in this series only those tumors which are located in the cerebral hemisphere, and are composed of predominantly undifferentiated(More)
An 80-year-old male visited the hospital as an outpatient with a head injury sustained in a traffic accident. Brain computed tomography incidentally revealed a left frontal lobe tumor measuring 5 cm in a diameter. The patient had a history of taking chlormadinone acetate (a progesterone agonist) prescribed several years previously as treatment for benign(More)
OBJECT The authors have attempted to define the exact borders of the root exit zone (RExZ) of the facial nerve, measure the distribution of myelin histologically, and examine the relationship between contact vessels and the RExZ. METHODS Seventy-five facial nerves were obtained from brainstems excised from 44 adult patients at autopsy. The arteries and(More)
Paraffin-embedded surgical specimens from 26 infants and children with medulloblastomas treated between 1972 and 1981 were examined for DNA ploidy by flow cytometry (FCM). All patients received a standard treatment (a combination of maximum debulking of medulloblastoma and postoperative craniospinal irradiation with a posterior fossa boost of 5000 rad or(More)
We report the case of a 14-year-old girl with a large vestibular aqueduct (LVA) in whom hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy was effective for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss. The patient was referred to Nagoya University Hospital for the treatment of hearing loss on 14 September, 1998, because her right hearing level had declined abruptly on 22(More)
The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content of 53 medulloblastomas was analyzed by means of flow cytometry and compared with the clinical and histological findings in the host patients. Analysis of DNA showed that about half of the tumors were diploid and the other half were aneuploid. More diploid tumors were found among patients of a young age, but the(More)
In order to define the precise locations of precentral and postcentral gyri during neurosurgical operations, somatosensory evoked potentials to contralateral median nerve stimulation were recorded from the cerebral cortex in 19 cases with organic cerebral lesions which located near the central sulcus. In addition to that, distribution patterns of early(More)
Dynamic EEG topography is used to study evoked potentials following thalamic stimulation as well as epileptic spikes and spike-wave complexes during stereotactic operations. Dynamic EEG topography is an effective method for displaying the distribution pattern of evoked potentials following thalamic stimulation. This technique makes it possible to observe(More)
Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT) is an aggressive embryonic brain tumor predominantly seen in young children. The authors report an unusual case of a fourth ventricle AT/RT in an infant who survived for 26 years. The tumor was resected when the patient was 6 months of age, and radiation therapy (40-Gy total dose) was performed thereafter. The(More)
We report a case of an aneurysm rupturing into an arachnoid cyst presenting as a confined intracystic hemorrhage. A 37-year-old man with a history of sporadic headaches for several years complained of a headache of several days' duration. Brain computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a cystic lesion in the left side of the middle cranial(More)